Acne Blackhead Remover Comedo Product Facial Cleaner

Acne Blackhead Remover Comedo Product Facial Cleaner

Rechargeable Acne Blackhead Remover Comedo Product Facial Cleaner Pore Electric Vacuum Suction Tool Home Beauty Machine Skin Care



1. Remove the Black Head, deeply cleanse the face

1. For Acne, skin treatment grain

2. Treatment for dry skin

3. Treatment of skin flaccidity and wrinkles, Skin rejuvenation

4. Treatment of spots and opaque skin, reduce hyperpigmentation of the skin


comedón suction aspiration probe larger than the traditional

Five levels, suitable for different skin

Different suction head, different function

rechargeable, easy and convenient

package includes:

1 x Beauty Machine

1 x Diamond Head

1 x Large Hole Head

1 x Small Hole head

1 x Oval Hole Head

1 x Power Adapter

1 x User Manual

How to use the device:

Step 1: You need to use a facial steam or a hot towel for 10 minutes to warm up your face and open your pores facial.

Step 2: When using this device, please do not stay in one place overe 3 s. Remember to move the

machine around in one direction on the road (do not move back and forth)

Step 3: Please use a cold towel or cold mask to close the facial pores and after that apply facial moisturizers.


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